Valentine’s Hangover

If you are like me, you might indulge a bit too much on holidays like Valentine’s Day. And if you did last night, you won’t get any lip from this chickie! As someone who keeps her considerable sweet tooth on a very short leash, I fully give myself over to the sugar monster on occasion and run free in the land of sugarplums and lollipops. Side note: I can’t get behind the whole “just have a tiny piece of chocolate every day to stop you from overdoing it!” so often espoused in ladies’ magazines. Well, what the hell is the point of that?!? For me, I prefer to avoid unhealthy food the vast majority of the time but on special occasions love to dive in, chow down to my heart’s content, and then to my liver’s, ears’, eyeballs’, frontal lobe’s, uvula’s, spine’s and even excised appendix’s content!

The next morning, however? Not so great. I usually wake up with a nasty sugar hangover and no appetite for a day. There is only one thing that makes me feel better, and I bet you can guess what that is…reruns of Full House! lol, just kidding, it’s running, of course (although Full House can play a complimentary role in your recovery, no doubt).

The trick to this remedy is to get the dosage right – this will not work if your planned workout is a long run, speed or tempo workout. Sure, you’ll be able to get through it, but you probably will feel the same or worse after. For this application, you need a short, easy jog around the neighborhood where you are focused on things like “huh, I did not realize you could have that many garden gnomes in one yard” or “I wonder what it would be like if that Russian meteor hit here, like, right now” and not things like perceived effort or Garmin splits.

So if you can still feel the sea-salt caramels rattling around your innards, take it from me – it’s likely not the first thing you would think of to help that belly but a short jog later and you’ll be a new man/lady/other (hey, we don’t judge here at CIR).

In other news, these things happened:

1. I went to my magical chiropractor, Dr. Greenburg, to address some lingering issues I have in my groin (hmm, that sentence could go a few ways). He ran a bunch of tests and thinks that the issue stems from a misalignment in my knee. He adjusted it and I will go back next week for a follow-up. In the meantime, he directed me to “go for a run” because we need to see how my leg feels after the adjustment. Finally, doctor’s orders that are easy to follow!

2. You may remember that Poppy (one of our 9.5 yr old bunnies) had some health issues in the late summer, which he recovered from. Unfortunately, a few new problems have cropped up and I am having a hard time figuring out how to help him, if he can even be helped and where we go from here. Positive thoughts for Popsters are appreciated.


Poppy is on the bottom, Keebler is the snuggle bunny on top, in one of their favorite sleep positions.

Did you overindulge and need a Valentine’s Day hangover cure?

Have you hugged your pet today?


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2 responses to “Valentine’s Hangover

  1. Linda Kisiel

    Good thoughts for Poppi. I actually didn’t go completely crazy with chocolate, but … the jelly beans are out. just born are my favorite. can’t just eat one. I tried very hard not to buy two bags, just one. I agree with you, Valentine’s and Easter are too close this year.

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