Hi! I’m Kashi and I have been a runner since I was 14 years old (a mere, gulp, 21 years ago). I have run every distance from 5ks to ultras and much like a parent who can’t choose a favorite child, I enjoy and appreciate them all. However, much like those parents who are lying about not having a favorite kid, I definitely gravitate towards longer distances. I flirted for a few years with triathlons, but after doing some complex math where I compared my distaste for biking to the high percentage of time you spend biking, I moved away from them (this has not dissuaded me from spectating them, however, and I absolutely love cheering triathletes on as they live out their multi-sport dreams!). I also like incorporating swimming into the mix, especially when it is of an open water nature. I’m hoping Cape Island Runners will evolve from one person’s musings on running to a real life and virtual community of similar minded folks who just can’t stop putting one foot in front of the other.


I work as a biologist for the state in the endangered species program, where my focus is on coastal birds. You should probably get used to seeing pictures of Piping Plovers because they will likely show up around these parts as they are my absolute favorite species on the planet, outside of my own.

My husband Glen (this is probably the first and last time you will see his name as I habitually call him GD) and I were married on a magical day in the fall of 2011. Ok, the magic was probably most apparent to us, to everyone else attending it was probably a pretty standard day in October where they enjoyed blue skies, a lively dance floor and free drinks. Oh, and amazing cake. There is no way that anyone who attended our nuptials could forget the cake, so yeah, maybe it was kinda magical to them too.

We have settled into a happy little life, vacillating between our favorite hobbies – birding, traveling, reading, cooking and baking, playing and listening to music (GD is a fantastic singer and guitar player), often combining them when we can (birding while traveling, baking while GD plays the guitar, cooking while birding, you get the picture). I’m a moderately anxious creature-of-habit cleverly disguised as a happy go lucky lady. GD is an actual laid back person who dreams of a life of travel and leisure. We balance each other perfectly, ensuring that neither of us turns into a robot (me) or a disorganized mess (him). We love spending time with our family and friends, especially my sister Lauren (aka lil sis). She’ll be showing up frequently, too – you’ll know it’s her because we look identical (although I am 3 years older) but you can tell us apart  because she usually has a megaphone in her hand (see Exhibits 1 and 2):

It’s pretty great when your life turns out just the way you hoped it would and I am just anxious enough to constantly worry about when it will all be snatched away from me – which when you think about it is actually kinda handy in helping a person be truly grateful for every day that tragedy does not strike.

4 responses to “About

  1. Lauren Kisiel

    I just love this and cannot wait to read more! Will I ever get over how proud I am of you? Will I ever be without my megaphone? I think we know the answers to these questions! Love you! Lil’ Sis

  2. Claudia

    I don’t know what is more cute…the megaphone toting lil sis or the t-shirts you and GD have?!

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