On The Road Back…

This time last week I was in a warm paradise, content as could be that I had run pain-free. This time this week finds me freezing whatever-the-lady-version-of-cojones-is off! My leg is feeling really good and I am optimistic that I am on the up and up. My worrywart side won’t let me totally relax and likely will not until I start logging some consistent mileage, but the glass half full side of me will no longer be put off in planning the 2013 race season. So knocking wood (and by this I mean taking one of those giant foam hands seen at football games and banging it against a sequoia tree, just to be on the safe side), here are my thoughts for the upcoming year:

HIT LIST (definitely committing to these races)

  • Spring 10k, May/June – I plan to return to speed and tempo work slowly and have not raced a 10k in a few years, so this seems like a safe bet to get me back in action. Gonna take February easy-peasy, then get serious about training in March. Any recommendations for a race?
  • Midnight Madness Run, 7/21/2013 (GD’s bday!) – With the Lady Runners of Parvins, yay!
  • Schalick Alumni 5k Run, 8/10/2013 – The next few months will be spent getting this run up and going, so stay tuned for details, dig out your green and gold and save the date!!
  • Marine Corps Marathon, 10/27/2013 – 60 days til registration! Hope we all get in!!!
  • Philadelphia Marathon, 11/24/2013 – Running Momma’s first marathon! Planning on pacing her πŸ™‚

WISH LIST (If all goes well, some and hopefully most of this will happen)

  • 5 new-to-me races – They can be near or far, any distance, but have to be ones I have never done before. Share with me your favorites!
  • More states for the run list – I already checked a new country off the run list (thank you, beautiful Bahamas) but still need some states – I might be able to get South Carolina on a March work trip (if I get travel approval, a very big IF <– you can tell it is big, just check out the capitalization!) and some Gulf coast states if a sister trip works out.
  • A race in Massachusetts – planning a pseudo-work/fun trip to MA in August, so would love to link it with a race.
  • Β A relay – I have been hankering to do a longer one ever since we tackled the 44-mile Cape 2 Gate a few years ago and the New Balance Reach The Beach might do the trick! It is a bit close to MCM (10/18-19) to be really smart to do, but looks so fun and is right in our backyard. Any takers?? I’d also love to do a Ragnar Relay, always hear good things about them. Many of them are too hilly for me, but the Key West one sounds perfect-o!
  • Girls running trip – Not sure where or when or how long, but am always so green when ladies go one these types of trips! I wanna go on one too πŸ™‚
  • Just for fun runs – I like the scavenger style races (like Great Urban Race) and would like to do more. I also enjoy running tours, like the ones from City Running Tours, and plan on doing some of them (foreshadowing alert for CIR – might be leading some Cape May based ones too! More details over the next month or so).
  • Organize CIR social runs. Mug Runs were a hit last year so that will be back, plus we’ll cook up some other themed ones are knocking around in my head.

WIN THE LOTTERY LIST ( I think you can sort this one out without an explanation but I did not want it to feel left out when the other two lists got parens) (oh, wait, I thought of an actual parens – this is only a short list of what I’d do if I won the lottery – there would also be running marathons in all the states, in tons of countries and all sorts of other nonsense that would be added!)

So there ya have it – my 2013 will likely include a lot less running than in 2012, but I think that is a good thing. One article that has stayed with me that I read while I was convalescing (I like that this makes it sounds like I was shipped off to fresh air and calm environs, circa 1800s) was the one Amby Burfoot wrote in RW about the secrets to longevity in running. I really do want to run ’til my time runs out so I am taking the word of a man who has managed it for the majority of his 66 years that you have to be smart about it. Between the ultra and the PR marathon last year, I gave it to myself pretty good. 2013 is a year for recovery, fun and sharing the open road with you all. Let’s do it!!

What 2013 race are you most looking forward to?


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8 responses to “On The Road Back…

  1. I am looking forward to running Shamrocks for Sandy with Sean, the Color Run with Belinda (and whoever else I can rope into it), possibly the Glow Run with Lauren. Are we seeing the theme of running with people? I am looking forward to watching Sean do the Spartan Run….and bandaging him up afterwards.

    So glad that you are feeling good and running again!!! Bring on the 2013 runs!

  2. Bel

    I think you should do the color run in Brooklyn with me and Liz. Apparently it’s been moved to July. Only a 5K and will be tons of fun, guaranteed!

  3. Linda Kisiel

    Great goals and smart to give your body some time yet. I’m looking forward to the Pitman 4miler in July and the Philly Marathon. I want to do a 10K in the spring. Any suggestions?

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