Bahamas Balm

BREAKING NEWS: I RAN!!!!!!!!!! And not just in my mind but for real with actual footsteps and heavy breathing and everything!!!

I am thinking I might need to change the name of the blog from Cape Island Runners to Island Runners since I have absolutely no interest in coming home (esp considering Tuesday’s high up north is 30dF). This place is amazing- the scenery is phenomenal and when you add plovers to the mix, you have a combination that just can’t be beat. Wednesday and Thursday were spent on Grand Bahama and we saw 41 plovers, including 2 banded ones! We sadly did not see Bahama Mama and I fear the worst since she was also not seen on the Christmas bird count. But hopefully she is just being extra elusive and will show up again in Jersey in the spring.

We started today with an early flight to Abaco- an eight seater plane was our mode of transport:

The day was cloudy but it couldn’t dampen our spirits! While waiting for the right tide, I summoned the courage (and had very understanding travel mates) to give a run a whirl. Em came along as my running bud and emotional support in case the tropical atmosphere was not enough to buoy my spirits should the pain rear its ugly and unwelcome head. My heart was racing (for real, I checked; normal heart rate ~55 bpm, it was 78 just before we set out) and I was just a tad nervous:


Garmy was raring to go (the watch said the date was Dec 6th before the satellites corrected that) but it’s been a long time since we danced together and he was afraid I had left him for a different partner. He saw the goggles and swim caps and wasn’t sure where all this was leading. But normalcy, and Garmsters, reigned king today!

I kept it slow and stayed anxious until mile .82, which is when the pain kicked in on my last run (44 days ago, not that I was counting). At .83, I started to relax. By 1.05, I was on Cloud 9- NO PAIN!!! Em got upgraded from staff psychologist to staff photographer when she captured these images. I think they speak for themselves:




I felt like ME for 3 glorious miles . I worried that the pain might show up afterwards, but here we are 12 hours post-run and all is right with my right leg. Ummm, yes!!!!!

I think it is still too soon to say I am totally out of the woods but feel like I finally found the trail after wandering around the forest for awhile. My thoughts today are filled with relief, glee, and awe for the power of the human body to heal itself. This day will no doubt loom large in my catalog of runs in other countries. I have lots more to say on this whole topic, but will save it for future posts when my mind stops spinning.

Thanks so much to Em who was prepared to handle whatever came her way today. She’s a great friend and was worth her ( and about 50 other people’s) weight in gold today. Side note- I am so proud of her for sticking with running and look forward to many CIR runs this summer!!


Still can’t believe this was me today šŸ™‚


What was a favorite post- injury run you have gone on?


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  1. You two are adorable, awesome run!

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