Marathon Training Recap – Weeks 9-12

Instead of recapping my marathon training on a daily or weekly basis, I am going for the corporate-style quarterly update. I am hoping to provide some business style charts, a la:

Since there are 16 weeks of training there will be 4 updates. Each one will be comprised of the quarterly report (like in business, but with less corruption and pantyhose. oh, and no bogus bonuses) and a topic germane to marathon training. So check out how I have been making out and then let us all know how your training is going (marathon or any other distance/race)!

Update 1 – Weeks 1-4

Update 2 – Weeks 5-8

Update 3 – Weeks 9-12

Quarterly Report

Summary: Finally, the good stuff! You know that whole “it’s not the destination, it’ s the journey” mindset? Yeah, I could pretty much tattoo that across my back. No, strike that – for me it is the journey AND the destination. I love, love, love race day, but also have the best time getting there! (I’ll give you a second to recover from my ridiculous enthusiasm – I know. Sometimes it is even too much for me and I find my internal monologue ping ponging between “I love running and marathons and life!” and “Okkkkay, we getttt it. Lalala, life is beautiful. Fantastic. Now, what’s for dinner?”).

This quarter felt like serious marathon training, as the mileage and the difficulty both increased. It featured 2-20 milers, both of which you will not be surprised to find out I developed huge crushes on (oh double digits, how I covet thee!) .  I oddly enjoyed my interval workouts and was especially into my “marathon pace” workouts. Annnd I got to accompany Kat on her marathon journey, which was a definite highlight!An excellent quarter filled with happy miles that the weather gods smiled warmly down upon (realllllly hoping that does not change this week with Sandy!)

Tweaks and twinges: Nada! As long as I foam roll the hammies and ball roll the arches, I am as golden as the McDonald’s ones!  Tangent alert – It is possible to PR at a marathon fueled solely by Mickey D’s

Mental Runitude:  Ideal! Confidence grew as the weeks went on and my body handled the work very well. Still too far out to get super nervous (ie butterflies anytime anyone mentions anything remotely related to Philadelphia, running, marathons, pasta, ice, safety pins, etc lol) leading to a mostly anxiety-free quarter.

Topic du Quarter – PACING

Much like choosing your favorite New Kid (Donny!)  I find pacing to be a very personal issue. What works for one person won’t for another – and truthfully, I am still trying to figure out what works for me. Unlike most average marathoners, I have a tendency towards a negative split (this is where you run the second half of a race faster than the first half). This can be great, because unlike people who positive split (i.e. slow down over the course of the race), it is much easier psychologically to negative split – by the end you are feeling strong and are usually passing people, which can stoke your competitive fires into a frenzy (note: please don’t tell my competitive fires that my times are nothing to write home about. It’s a closely held secret from them, I need them to believe Olympic caliber performances are happening out there, lol!).  For the most part, I am grateful that I negative split naturally. Except… except late at night when my mind is abuzz from a run and I am still high on the fumes of those miles and I start wondering “could I run harder in the beginning? Am I negative splitting because I am going out too conservatively?”

Those late night musings have shaped this marathon cycle’s  training program – I have worked on my “speed” in early miles, proving to myself that it is ok to push sooner than I am used to. I have worked on my mental toughness, convincing myself that there is only one way to my goal time – and that is a faster first half.

Will this work? No idea, you’ll have to check with Miss Clio (free for the first minute). There is a very strong chance that the wheels are gonna come flying off the Kashi bus come November 18th. But that is what this race is all about for me – find my limit, see what I am made of and run fearlessly. Step by Step, I’ll be Hangin’ Tough.

How is your training cycle treating you?

What are your pacing issues?

Who was your favorite New Kid?


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5 responses to “Marathon Training Recap – Weeks 9-12

  1. jake

    Awesome update! Go get them….maybe I will come down and cheer with your sister raceday. I’ve actually came to the conclusion that I’m shutting it down 1week before nyc and will not run due to my left knee. Bummer…bigtime to say the least, but this means I will live to run another day (preferably a sunny day with less Hurricane Sandy weather). Utah Valley Marathon June 8th….flat…fast downhill course, maybe you two crazy sisters would want to join me!?

    • this is a smart move! a marathon is not the kind of race to push it when you have an injury! philly is a great race, i guarantee if you come watch you will want to run it next year! cannot say enough good things about it. laur and i have an in-going competition to run in as many states as possible, and neither of us have utah, so maybe!
      also feeling for the marine corps people tomorrow! hope they finish before it gets too windy/rainy! last yr was the snow storm, this yr hurricane – hopefully next yr will be sunny and clear!!

  2. Linda Kisiel

    Great training blog. Like the recap. I love to hear about training plans, getting stoked for next year! Bring it on Philly, for Chris, Glen, Scott and Sherry and the many more runners out there. I’ll be widly cheering. My favorite new kid is Donnie, love him on Blue Bloods.

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