Running in Bellingham, Washington

Washington has been checked off the state list!! What a gorgeous morning for a run – crystal blue skies, no humidity and temps in the mid-60s! I set out for a jet lagged 6 miles, but I felt surprisingly good by the end and was able to get in a few tempo miles. I plotted a course that was mostly suburban/city roads with some nature mixed in. Perfect!

Drive-thru coffee places were the theme of the morning! Quite densely packed in this sweet little city.

Beautiful buildings mixed old with new. New court house…

…and old whatever this was. Ran by, could not tell, lol.

Sometimes pearls of wisdom show up in the most unlikely of places.

If we didn’t have to high-tail it to Vancouver this morning, I would have come back to this park and luxuriated in its beauty all day.

I wound up tempo-ing it through this park, so this was my last pic. But take my word for it, the trees were so inspiring, cheering me on and pushing me faster than I thought possible today (don’t get too excited, this was Kashi fast, not Meb fast!).

I usually take Fridays off from running, but at the NAOC conference we are at (GD is presenting a poster) we found out there is a 5k race tomorrow morning, the 27th running of race for birders!!! Could it get any better? Stay tuned to find out when, for the first time, everyone I run with will also be into birds.  BIRD NERDS LACE UP AND UNITE!


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2 responses to “Running in Bellingham, Washington

  1. Meg

    Birders 5K?! That is SO AWESOME! Hope there is a race list!

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