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What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

For those of you who read food blogs, you will often see a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Same idea here, except it will be what I saw when I ran on Wednesdays.  So take a peek at what my orbs observed and then add your own experience!

Last real run before the maraaaaathon!!!! I was planning on posting a picture of me with my legs up today, resting, but yesterday’s crudilicious weather bumped that run to today. I laced up, stepped out into the sunshine and enjoyed 4 miles with 4 30-second pick-ups.  Here is what I saw:

It was finally a cold enough and a short enough run that I tried running with my compression sleeves without worrying about overheating and if I could get through the miles without going crazy if they were too annoying. Good news is they were super comfortable and delightful!

I kept looking at Garmy and thinking “you ready, buddy? We’re going to 26.2 and beyond in a few days!”

This is what passes for hillwork in south Jersey. God help us!

Everywhere I looked were reminders that a marathon was right around the corner! I’m not sure anyone else read this sign and thought about pasta fueling their race… but then again, we are in the heart of Philly marathon land, so maybe a few other runners noticed it too!


Every mile was infused with the smell of fallen leaves. Add in a brilliant blue sky and it was a quintessential November day.

Great day for a run, for sure!
When you are not-so-patiently waiting for a race, what reminders taunt you?

What did you see today?





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