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What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

For those of you who read food blogs, you will often see a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Same idea here, except it will be what I saw when I ran on Wednesdays.  So take a peek at what my orbs observed and then add your own experience!

In case it was stormy tonight, I did a quick 3-miler this morning and saw lots of other runners and bikers around – it’s definitely the “busy” season. But we beat the rain tonight and welcomed two new faces to the CIR community! Many of our regulars had prior commitments (job interviews among them, fingers crossed for Christy!)  so tonight was a whole new group and it was great – the exact reason I have been enjoying getting CIR off the ground are runs like this. We got to meet the super adorable Diane who I hope to see a lot more of (I am constantly amazed how many people are hanging about in Cape May that we have not met. Very glad our paths crossed tonight!) and also finally got to run with Tiff, a birding friend who I am hoping to start counting among the birder/runner moniker I am developing down here (we are sorta like actor/models, or slashies if we were characters in Zoolander).  I was feeling extra chatty tonight…ok, that’s a lie, I was the same level of chatty as normal but was distracted by shiny new running friends and did not take as many pics as usual. Next time! Here is what we saw:

CIR chatting it up on Seagrove

Our line of bodies triggered the speedometer – Goooo us!

It’s blurry, but you guys know I can’t go past the circle where we got married without getting all sappy and snapping yet another picture of it.

Post-run…more chatting! Are you picking up on a theme tonight, lol?

GD came back from a stellar run and followed it with a stellar meal – tempeh pineapple stir fry. Please notice the pineapple-ginger punch that he is drinking out of a measuring cup, complete with a pineapple accoutrement.

What did you see on your run today?

What is your favorite fruit to hang on the side of a glass (or measuring cup, as the case may be)?

How much do you love new running buddies?


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