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Brazil or Bust!

My sister-in-law Claudia has a special talent – she wins stuff! You name it, she has entered a contest for it and been declared a winner. But she outdid even her own track record when she won an all expenses paid trip to Brazil!! For 2!! After checking with her immediate family and (unbelievably) getting no’s from them (ok, they all had good reasons, but still!!), she asked me to join her. Would I (a travel fiend) like to go on a free trip to Brazil, a place I have never been before, and have some bonding time with my sis-in-law? Hmm, let me think. No, actually, let me expend zero brain cells and give an emphatic YES while jumping up and down wildly to quite possibly the easiest question of all time! We have our updated passports (this was a very good reason to get a new one in my married name), our VISAs, and our Mentos (Kisiel family superstition dictates that any and all trips must be accompanied by an unopened roll of Mentos to ensure safe travel. All flavors have been tested – including when sky diving- and perform equally well so you are free to pick your preference).  

I’m a fruit gal, myself

The trip is sponsored by a coffee company, Peet’s, and will last a week. We depart for an overnight flight today and will return in the dawn hours of July 8th. The next week will be filled with coffee, sightseeing, running (of course!), more coffee, plantation tours, café tours, some more running and then capped off with a little more coffee for good measure! Between the running high and coffee buzz, I expect to be in rare form.

Thank you Peet’s!

Lil sis and I have an ongoing competition to see who can run in more continents, countries and states, so finding a place to run is an absolute must! I found a running tour company that I want to run with in Sao Paulo but also hope to get out on my own a bit (it’s the best way to see somewhere new!). The rules for our competition are that you must run at least 3 miles (or 30 minutes if you do not have a way to determine distance – this contest began before Garmy and Prince Michael Garmy came into our lives) and the run must take place outside – so no treadmills allowed. Unless they are outside, in which case you might be able to plead you case to the judge, who would then say, “Really? A treadmill outside? Demerits for even attempting something so ludicrous when there is a whole big beautiful earth to trod upon!”

 Here is a map of all the states I have run in so far. I have 21 states, plus 1 capital district (DC) and 1 unincorporated territory (Puerto Rico) 🙂

Please don’t mind the missing chunk on the bottom. The map was apparently irresistible to my ‘ol bunny, Miss Amelia, RIP. She had a thing for paper!

My country list is Costa Rica, Ireland, Ecuador and New Zealand. My continent list is North America, South America, Europe, Oceania (NZ) and Island Chain (HI).

We will have access to the internet, so I will be blogging my coffee and running adventures, stay tuned! See ya on the flip side (of the world, that is, as we’ll be south of the equator)!

 Do you drink coffee? Have you tried Peets?

Do you like to drink coffee in conjunction with running?

What continents, countries and states have you run in?


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