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What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

For those of you who read food blogs, you will often see a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Same idea here, except it will be what I saw when I ran on Wednesdays.  So take a peek at what my orbs observed and then add your own experience!

Last group run for August! Because of my schedule this week, I had to switch up my runs and do a two-fer today to get my 6 miles in. I did three tempo ones at lunch and then 3.3 tonight with the group. In between I went to the doctor and found out that I have some sort of bacterial or viral infection in my throat. It is the oddest thing, my throat feels like it is on fire, but the rest of me feels fine! So I have kept up with my running, figuring my body will let me know if it doesn’t want to go. So far, so good! Now I have some antibiotics to help with the battle and figure I will be feeling fire throat-free in a few days. Hurray!

This late August day was a real gift – a cold front came through and cooled us down. More importantly, it dehumidified us, making even a lunch time run quite enjoyable! Here is what we saw tonight:

GD’s new kicks! Hello, real running shoes, good-bye Timberlands (at least for running)!

We posed for pictures for Paige and Janet. Janet is working on a graphic design logo for CIR (very exciting!!) and wanted some realistic pics of runners. For her part, Paige’s new haircut looked super cute!

All the work that Bill and Edie put into their garden is really paying off as it was butterfly central tonight!

When 3 of the 4 runners are also birders, stopping to check out a Sora roadkill is a must!

Lil sis takes the time to extinguish the light before heading out! Thanks lightkeeper Laur!

We headed back to the house where we continued our tradition of the men cooking for the ladies! Hake, scallops, broccoli and succotash were enjoyed by all!

What did you see on your run today?


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What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

For those of you who read food blogs, you will often see a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Same idea here, except it will be what I saw when I ran on Wednesdays.  So take a peek at what my orbs observed and then add your own experience!

In case it was stormy tonight, I did a quick 3-miler this morning and saw lots of other runners and bikers around – it’s definitely the “busy” season. But we beat the rain tonight and welcomed two new faces to the CIR community! Many of our regulars had prior commitments (job interviews among them, fingers crossed for Christy!)  so tonight was a whole new group and it was great – the exact reason I have been enjoying getting CIR off the ground are runs like this. We got to meet the super adorable Diane who I hope to see a lot more of (I am constantly amazed how many people are hanging about in Cape May that we have not met. Very glad our paths crossed tonight!) and also finally got to run with Tiff, a birding friend who I am hoping to start counting among the birder/runner moniker I am developing down here (we are sorta like actor/models, or slashies if we were characters in Zoolander).  I was feeling extra chatty tonight…ok, that’s a lie, I was the same level of chatty as normal but was distracted by shiny new running friends and did not take as many pics as usual. Next time! Here is what we saw:

CIR chatting it up on Seagrove

Our line of bodies triggered the speedometer – Goooo us!

It’s blurry, but you guys know I can’t go past the circle where we got married without getting all sappy and snapping yet another picture of it.

Post-run…more chatting! Are you picking up on a theme tonight, lol?

GD came back from a stellar run and followed it with a stellar meal – tempeh pineapple stir fry. Please notice the pineapple-ginger punch that he is drinking out of a measuring cup, complete with a pineapple accoutrement.

What did you see on your run today?

What is your favorite fruit to hang on the side of a glass (or measuring cup, as the case may be)?

How much do you love new running buddies?


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Mug Run – Another Round Recap

I was super disappointed to miss the first Mug Run since I was living in the lap of luxury in Brazil courtesy of Peet’s (cue the world’s tiniest violins) but I perked up when I learned that Beth wanted to organize another one before she headed home to Florida.  We set the date for 26 July, spread the word through Stalkbook and soon found ourselves on a sultry July evening, ready to take the Cape by storm.

We met at the Ugly Mug,  where we reviewed the race plan, which focused heavily on the critical parts of the run – the beer orders. Leanne had 5 pieces of paper in a folder and on each paper was the name of one bar, with all their beers listed (I know, smart, right? These ladies had it down!). We checked off which beers we wanted at each stop, gave Leann $5 for each (she knew that all the beers ranged btw $4-$6 so figured if we all gave $5, it would work out in the end and it did! Yahoo, math!). She also collected $2 from each person or team to go towards their poker hand (a poker card would be distributed at each bar so that by the end, you would have a full  hand to bet with). She then hopped on her bike, with her trusty sidekick  Scuba (Beth’s son) at her side and rode off to the first bar to place the order, ensuring frosty brews awaited us when we arrived. This was our pattern throughout the night, and it worked extremely well. It meant that none of the runners had to fuss with money and there was no time lost waiting to get the bartender’s attention. It was excellent motivation to keep going since you knew there was instant beer gratification waiting for you at the end of every leg!

With our homemade shirts (thanks Lil Sis!!) and one last group shot, we were off!

From upper left: Beth, Chris, Carrie, Kashi, Lil Sis, Donna, Christy. Bottom row from left: Lisa, GD, Emily. Not pictured here were Scott, Leanne, Scuba and Tom.

The Muggers begin their trek, heading north up Washington Street. It was about this time, approximately 10 seconds into the run, that we were all drenched in sweat.

After a sweaty mile, along which we  serenaded Scott out of his house with the always popular chant “Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott” (lyrics courtesy of Meg) we found ourselves at the C-View Inn.

Here are the previously not pictured Scott (careful readers will note he is now wearing the shirt that Donna was at the start. Share and share alike!), Leanne, Scuba and Leanne’s bike.

Just a bunch of runners chugging some brews, no big thang.

This is where the game really began. As is the case in all race plans, different runners employed different strategies. Instead of traditional questions such as “should I even pace this thing, or go for a negative split?” or “when should I have a GU?”, we concerned ourselves with Mug Run specific ones like “Do I want the glory that goes with downing a beer at each bar or should I postpone drinking til the end?”. If you had any hopes of completing a 5-beer challenge, you had to start here, and many Muggers did.  It was a tough call and to have to make it in the heat of battle just reminds us all that having a race plan before you set out is really key to running success!

With bellies full of beers and the temperatures still kissing the upper 80s, getting cracking on the next leg was a mental challenge for the Muggers – but isn’t running 90% mental anyway? So we steeled ourselves and off we went for the next leg, the longest of the night. It was hot and sticky but as we made the turn onto Beach Ave we finally felt a summer breeze, delighting us with its presence. Post-race, most Muggers reported that this stretch was the hardest – they had not yet gotten their beer legs, and felt kinda queasy at times. Apparently, though, the mind of a Mugger is a formidable thing, and as we traveled on, their stomachs settled (minus GD whose belly rebelled the whole time – his solution was to rebel right back, continuing to drink a beer at each stop and was fine by the end!). Scott and Carrie pondered making drinking an actual race day strategy. Shots before the gun goes off remains an untested race plan, but I believe we will have some data in the near future, thanks to these two pioneers.

Our next stop was the bar at the Ocean Club Hotel, a gorgeous bar whose seating is around a pool with views that look out over the ocean. This is probably also a good time to key you in on someone you may be wondering about, which is the man on a stick (or perhaps you weren’t wondering at all because men’s heads on sticks is part of your average day. Kudos to you for living such an open-minded life). The man is Chris, and he is Leanne’s husband. When they learned the real Chris could not make it, Leanne and Beth said to themselves, “no matter, we will simply put a picture of his head on a stick and it will practically be the same thing.” I have never had the pleasure of meeting the real Chris, who by all accounts is a great guy, but I will tell you that head on a stick Chris was hilarious! Man, can that guy drink! He handled the beer better than the rest of us and you just could not wipe the smile from his face. So happy he joined us!

The group gets swanky at the Ocean Club Hotel Bar

Although it was her first Mug Run, Carrie’s extensive race experience allowed her to come up with the genius idea of listing all the beers she ordered on her hand, so she would not forget which were hers! Well played, Car, well done.

Kashi sidebar – Seeing my husband and my lil sis laughing together just warms my 7 whole grains heart.

We moved on to our next bar, The Inn of Cape May where our raucous laughing may not have been the most welcome addition to the Victorian atmosphere, but we enjoyed it! Hey, Victorians probably had some fun, right? This was practically a reenactment of a typical night in the early days of Cape May. Everyone knows how wild they were – I mean, they must have been – who could handle all those rules without getting a lil antsy? This is also where we met the photographer from Exit Zero, so keep a lookout for us in a future issue!

As you can see, the woman in blue to Christy’s right was absolutely delighted we were there!

Lil Sis spreads the Cape Island Runner gospel. If you ladies are reading this, Hi! Hope to see you at a group run soon!

Chris could be oh so coy!

As evening fell, we took off to our next stop, The Rusty Nail. This indoor/outdoor bar, with its live music and firepit, was my favorite of the bars we stopped at.

And here I thought my ponytail was jaunty! I love this picture of Christy as we navigated the busy streets of Cape May.

I am so impressed how fresh everyone still looked – this is about 2 hours and 4 beers in!

“Nothing better than a cold beer hand delivered by a Mugger” says Chris

We were getting pretty hungry at this point, so we headed back to the Ugly Mug for some chow. The leg between the Nail and the Mug was fairly short, so many of us sprinted it, dodging in and out of confused onlookers on Washington Street. Lil Sis tried to educate them by yelling “Mug Run coming through, you should be running with us” but frankly I think her outreach efforts were in vain, as she mainly resemble a half-drunk crazy woman, lol.

Lil sis and Donna share some end of the road love.

Once inside the Mug, there was one last task to complete – poker! As you can see, GD and I had a can’t be beat hand! Well, if you imagine some of those cards to be totally different, it would have been unbeatable! Each person was given the opportunity to fold or bet and you can guess what we choose to do.

In the end, only Lisa and Beth decided not to fold. After a minute of anticipation…

Chris can hardy wait to see what happens!

Lisa’s hand was declared the winner! Congrats you two, try not to spend it all in one place!

After the excitement of the game, we settled our stomachs with some fried, greasy bar food.

We stayed at the bar until about 10:30 and then headed home, happy as bugs in a rug fresh from the Mug.

I hope that this recap  gives you a sense of what Cape Island Runners is all about. Yes, training hard and racing hard are definitely going to be a part of it – but playing hard is just as important! Having nights that are all about getting to know each other and being silly is really one of the best things about being part of a running community, and I hope you will join us for the next one. We brainstormed all sorts of great CIR runs for the future, so keep coming back to the blog and look out for events that you can be a part of. In addition to regular group runs on Wed nights, our August social run is planned for the night of 8/31 – a full moon run! It will be a little different than a Mug Run, so stay tuned for details!
Thanks again so much to everyone who came out and made it a memorable night, especially this guy:

Run on, friends!


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What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

For those of you who read food blogs, you will often see a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Same idea here, except it will be what I saw when I ran on Wednesdays.  So take a peek at what my orbs observed and then add your own experience!

Tonight was the second group run of Cape Island Runners and it also doubled as a beachnester reunion! Melissa is moving cross-country with her hubby later this week, so it was a last hurrah of sorts (I say “of sorts” because I know I will run with her again, hopefully when I visit her out west in the not too distant future!). We also had Amanda and her adorable boss baby as well as Emily and Christy, who are fellow plover lovers with Melissa and I. Rounding out the group was running husband Scott and real husband GD! Awesome run, loved, loved, loved seeing everyone and chatting it up! It definitely reminded me how very much I am going to miss my running bud, Melis.

CMP is so chill you can run all over the road, even in the height of summer 🙂

Sunset is so late this time of year – love!

When boss baby got a little fussy, Scott continued his streak of being the visual distractor and fashioned his shoes into a mobile.

Happy baby!!

Seriously, nothing makes me happier than group runs!

Good-bye Melissa, we will miss youuuuuuu!!!!!

What did you see on your run today?

If you did not run, what did you see while being active?


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What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

For those of you who read food blogs, you will often see a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Same idea here, except it will be what I saw when I ran on Wednesdays.  So take a peek at what my orbs observed and then add your own experience!

Wednesday we headed to Olney, MD for a lil family reunion with the Davis clan. We went to see GD’s aunt, uncle and cousins, some of who he has not seen in a decade or more, and many who I have never met.  To avoid the Philly, DC and Baltimore traffic, we decided to take the first ferry of the day, which left port at  730a. Early morning run it was! I didn’t mind a bit though as this time of year I habitually get up at first light, and the chorus of birds inviting me to get up and out had me popping out of bed around 5. Here are some of the things I saw in my almost hour long jaunt around Cape May Point and West Cape May between 530a-630a this morning:

Cape May Lighthouse – light is still flashing its beacon on this cloudy, windy morning. After running in it’s constant presence for the last 9 months, this lighthouse has started to symbolize home for me.

Not to runners!

Good morning skimmies! Black skimmers, a state endangered species, enjoying the quiet of a Cape May morning.

This is what I saw when I looked down, as I often do when running 🙂

Is there anything cuter than this car??

The straight shot down Sunset Blvd is going to come in very handy for long intervals and tempos runs during marathon training later this summer!

Milkweed jungle on Seagrove will hopefully be a nursery to monarch eggs and caterpillars very soon (if not already)!

An hour later and the light is off, sea farers safe for another day.

I got back to the house a half hour before we had to leave to find GD languorously waking up. He proceeded to shower and shave at a luxurious pace, while I clucked around the house like a crazed chicken, worried that we’d miss our ferry. As he predicted, we made it with time to spare and I was finally able to exhale!

What did you see on your run Wednesday?

If you are not a runner, what was something you saw while being active on Wednesday?



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