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Your 2013 Running Goals!

Some people thrive off of goals, others shudder at the mere thought. Me, I’m a goal-oriented nutter who loves the beginning of a new year as an excuse to make a fresh list of checkable activities. But this year feels a lil different. I am still not even running yet and the juju side of me is afraid to jinx my leg recovery with a lofty list of my own. What is a goal-a-philic gal to do?? Ask her running buds, natch! Duel benefit is that I live vicariously through you guys and you’ll feel even more motivated now that your goal is here for others to see. I asked a bunch of you what your #1 running goal is for 2013 . Here is what you had to say (plus my comments bc God knows I can’t keep my trap shut):

GD:  Marathon! (still ecstatic over this development!!!)

Lil Sis: Run a trail race of half marathon distance or longer and find a new mud run I have not done before (I will cheer you at that mud run, too dirrrty for me. But nothing is too dirty for Lil Sis, lol!)

Running Momma:  Finish my first marathon in Philly! (hells yeah!)

Scott: 2 half Ironmans, a marathon and of course a 40-miler! (someone is ready to ruuuuun!)

Carrie: 19:30 5k and maintain an average 7:28 min/mi pace on the run portion of my two planned half Ironmans (you are seriously a machine! and an inspiring machine at that!)

Virginia Melissa: Run a half-marathon faster than Running Momma’s time so I never have to do another one! (lol)

Oregon Melissa: Follow my 2013 training plans ( I think some of your plan should include running with me. Mark me down for April!)

Bel: Increase my speed. Specifically, I want to complete a 5K in under 28 minutes. And I want to run a 7 minute mile. Just one 7 minute mile. (Sorry, fast miles are like potato chips, no one can stop at one! You are going to mail it and not be able to stop wanting more!)

Kat: To run a marathon in under 4 hours (You are going to kill your next one! Which will it be, by the way?)

Sean: Complete at least 1 and possibly 2 half-marathons (Remember when you used to say how Lil Sis and I were always doing -athons? Now you are too and I could not be happier to welcome you to the -athon family!)

Moe: To  keep running and be healthy and happy! Oh, and some 10-milers, my favorite distance, and a half-marathon if I have to! And to see you and Lil Sis more! (here, here! Running date for the boards, check!)

Kim: I want to run. I want to run better, stronger and healthier!
I want to run and finish a half marathon!
Mostly though, I wanna run! Anywhere. Everywhere. Some place old. Some place new.
Mostly though, I wanna run.
With myself. With my shadow. With my friends, both old and new.
Mostly though, I wanna run.
With my husband by my side. With my son by my side.
Mostly though, I wanna run!
When it’s cold. When it’s hot. In the rain and in the snow!
Mostly though, I wanna run.
With the sun guiding my way. With a headlamp guiding my way. With the moon guiding my way.
Mostly though, I wanna run! (Love that Kim – Good luck tomorrow in Disney! I will be thinking cool thoughts all morning for you, Sher, Scott and everyone else down there battling the sun-soaked miles!)

Thanks for playing along – the variety of goals and distances represented is so awesome and gets me even more excited to get back out there!!Dang, reading them made me want to make some. But I am going to stick to just one (for now):

Kashi: To run again. Pain-free (best to be specific here!)

I can’t wait to support and cheer you all on as you take these plans knocking around in your head and turn them into reality on the trails and roads! Let’s do this!!

What is your #1 2013 running goal?


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