Bloggy Switcheroo!

For the past month or so I have been working on updating the blog – it will still be Cape Island Runners, but without the clunky “wordpress” in the URL and some fancy upgrades (legit banner!, more tabs!). I’m super excited to unveil it, but before I do,  I need some time to finish importing this site to that one without the added work of creating new blog posts.  So gonna take a quick break,  jump into a phone booth and pop out a new and improved CIR! I’ll post the updated address on this site when it is ready (hopefully in a week, no more than 2, she says with the naivete that comes with thinking something techy will be easy-breezy!).

See ya on the flip side!


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10 responses to “Bloggy Switcheroo!

  1. When you are finished upgrading yours, can you do mine? Hugs!

  2. Becky Sharkey

    excited to see the changes!

  3. Linda Kisiel

    It will be great.

  4. Todd Pover

    Once you work this out, maybe you will be able to figure out our work techie woes…HA!

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