28-Day Blog Challenge – Link Love!


I am planning some big changes over here at CIR (of the visual sort, not thematic – this isn’t suddenly going to be a blog about a giant rubber band collection, lol) and when I saw that Katy Widrick was hosting a 28-Day blog challenge, I thought it would be just the thing to keep my progress on track. The way is works is simple – Katy has laid out 28 things that you can do to improve your blog – each day you try to do one (and it’s super chill because you can do something from the list or something you think of) so today I am kicking the ball off with:

  • Write a post that includes links to five other posts that you found interesting

I read blogs for a few years before starting my own and seriously just dig them. I love reading people’s race reports, hearing about their weight loss/weddings/birth stories, trying out their recipes (read: sending GD a link with the recipe in it for him to cook for us) and in general getting a glimpse into other people’s lives. I am constantly amazed by how much people will share and really appreciate that aspect of blogging.  I guess it has some of that reality TV appeal to it – getting to be a fly on the wall of someone else’s life but without all the scripts, producing and general fakery that comes with those shows. Blogs are probably a little like radio – you can’t see the audience, you just cathartically type away on your keyboard, hit “publish” and share yourself with the world. The result can be really raw and a joy to read.

Here are five posts that were interesting to me, for reasons big and small. I tried to pick a cross-section to give you an idea of the types of blogs and posts that appeal most to me. Check them out, I bet you might like them too!

MomJovi – I found Mom Jovi through another blog I read,  Meals and Miles, because she posted something about Disney. Having grown up in a Disney family, I clicked on through and stayed because I really enjoy her wit and style of writing. Here is a beautiful memorial to her grandmother, Nam, that I was especially moved by.

Young House Love – Lots of people my age  are popping out babies like it is going out of style, so I have read my fair share of birth stories and truly do enjoy them all – it is, in the most cliche way possible, truly a miracle. I like this one because it was dramatic but everything ended up ok (whew!). I also like YHL in general because they are the kind of people GD and I will never be – DIYing  all over the place and creating all manner of cool stuff. I like to pretend that I, too, will one day salvage a cabinet from a thrift store and turn it into a super cool fridge for a kid to play with and clicking around their site lets me fulfill that fantasy!

Peas and Thank You – This blog is an example of a place I find recipes. I like Mama Pea – we may not agree on religious beliefs, but I sure do love her dogma on healthy food! Lots of good ideas on this site – here is a link to some delish burgers GD and I eat fairly frequently.

A Woman in Motion – During training, I spend quite a bit of time reading people’s race reports. They help keep me super excited and motivated and I usually learn a lot from their experiences. There are entirely too many RR’s that I love to list them here, so I figure I will link to the type species, that is, an example that personifies everything I heart about RR. This blog is written by my friend Sherry. She has not posted as much recently, but that is the beauty of blog archives – you can keep on learning from people even when they are on breaks! Here is what I love about hers: she is fast so that motivates me, she is Type A so I can identify with her experience and she is detail oriented so I feel like I was there (note: you can never have too much detail for me – I am not a fan of 1 paragraph RRs that basically say “I had a great day, it was super hard but fun!”. To me that is a given, give me the deets!!). Here are two to sink your teeth into: Philly Marathon in 2011 and Ironman 70.3 Florida in 2010.

Freiday Bird Blog – This is my friend Don’s blog and is typical of the kind of nature blogs I read – even though I love the outdoors, I tend to gravitate towards health and fitness blogs and when I read a nature-y one it is usually something local. Don’s is a straightforward bird blog that features the interesting things he spots as he is out and about. There was a post last June that especially moved me. The first few images are a little graphic if you are an animal lover, so be forewarned. But he was able to capture the first few hours of a Piping Plover’s life -and  it’s untimely demise at the hands (claws?) of a crow, the thorn in every plover’s side at Cape May Point State Park. Oh, crows, you are the bane of my existence!

I probably won’t keep you all updated on every goal I reach this month, but you’ll likely see the 28DBC challenge pop up now and again. If you have your own blog, consider joining!

What are some of your favorite blog posts as of late?


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3 responses to “28-Day Blog Challenge – Link Love!

  1. Linda Kisiel

    Thanks. I’ll check yours out. I really enjoy running blogs. I read them and then forget the blog names. I’ll start writing them down and share them with you and your readers.

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this list, Kashi. Wow, that’s some amazing to company to be in, but mostly, I just love that you still keep coming back. I’m always thrilled to get a comment from you and the way you’ve shared your experiences with your family has been a real help to me on so many occasions.

    Way to go with the challenge! I know I really NEED to do it, but the way I’ve been struggling to keep on top of all my other commitments lately, I didn’t want to add anything else I would let fall to the sidelines. But I’ll be eagerly watching your progress!

    And I’m so glad that post in particular meant something to you. To know that my grandmother and her lessons live on in others, whether it’s just by them learning about her, means so much!

    Thank you and good luck!

    • Wow, thanks Jackie, so fun to have you comment back 🙂 The post on your Grandma was just so beautiful. Death is something I struggle with – I think mostly because I have not been touched closely by it (yet) and the fear of the unknown makes its already painfulness seem even worse. But if there is an ideal way to go, your Nam, with help from an obviously very loving family, had it. The post takes a little of the fear of death away from me and that is really helpful to me. Thanks again for sharing that story.

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