Philadelphia Marathon – Race Recaps from CIR!

Read my Philadelphia Marathon Race Report here! Now, picking up at the finish line…

Post-race: I crossed the line and the tidal wave of emotion I have come to expect but am never fully prepared for washed over me. I shuffled in a daze to get my medal and as he placed it over my head, the ugly, heaving tears started. I had done it! I did not get my 3:49, but I had gotten a PR, I had run an evenly split race and I had done it despite this daggone pain in my groin!   Granted, I could barely walk since my quads and groin were so tight, but no matter, I had done it! Just as I was focusing in on the pain and wishing I was with someone I knew, Sherry and Scott found me! We hugged and compared race notes. They’d had a tougher go of it,  and we soothed some of our raw feelings with chicken soup, which can pretty much solve any problem.

Me soaking up the LaBree love! Thanks for the post-race chatting guys!

I was anxious to see GD  but that anxiety did not translate into speed as my legs were flat out refusing to move at anything faster than a shuffle. We started to walk towards where I knew my family was, but only made it halfway before I tried to call Lil Sis to tell her to come to us – we could go no further. As the phone was ringing, I suddenly saw she and Kat walking towards us!! Yay!! Her laughter filled the air and started to revive me! Sherry and Scott headed off to retrieve warm clothes from the bag check and our merry band headed off towards the rest of the family. Laur told me that GD had a GREAT race and my heart soared!! That was all I wanted to for him and it looks like that wish came true too! I came upon him as he was looking for the other Scott, hoping to cheer him in on his final leg, and when he turned around to meet my eyes, his trademark smile was bigger than ever!!

Oh yes, there was no mistaking it,  GD had had a very good day! He regaled me with tales of his race – how he felt better than he expected, how it went by so fast,  how he inexplicably bumped into a childhood friend at Mile 8 that we did not even know was running (what are the chances among 20,000 people of seeing her??) and ran for a few miles with her!

So let’s hear from the other Cape Island Runners (LaBrees I am counting you among our numbers – don’t worry, CIR is only a litttle cultish. Here, rehydrate with this Kool-Aid) about their races! I asked Sherry, Scott, GD, Tiff and Scott for their highlights, lowlights/lessons learned and future race plans. Here is what they had to say:

That’s me and Sherry under that heap of mylar!


Race Highlight:  I have to be completely honest.  The highlight of my race wasn’t the race itself (this wasn’t a great race for me), but rather every single event surrounding the race.  From the pre-race dinner at Kashi’s house, meeting new friends, snuggling up in a Cape May bed & breakfast, living it up in a lux hotel for two nights… and then downing way too many Insomnia cookies post-race.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a better marathon weekend!  Delightful from start to finish!
Lessons Learned:  More is not always better.  I pushed hard during my training cycle and I paid the price on race day.  When I completed my first marathon in 2011 (also Philly), I made note of that fact that I ran a very good first marathon (3:53) on rather low mileage and only one 20-mile run.  I ran 5 days per week during that cycle and included a weekly medium-long run and just a touch of pace work.  I felt fresh and ready to go at the start of that race and ran very strong all the way through to the finish line.  For my second marathon (Wisconsin 2012), I stuck with the lower training volume, but upped the intensity just a bit by incorporating more pace work and ran my way to my current marathon PR.  This training cycle, I upped the ante… all around.  Six days per week, more mileage, more long runs, more threshold work, more pace work… more everything.  When I toed the line, I was tired.  I felt like I needed another week of taper.  There is this notion in “pure” running circles, that you can’t run a good marathon unless you are putting in a lot of volume.  For me, this doesn’t hold true. I’ve learned that with both the marathon and with long-course triathlon, I actually seem to perform better when I utilize a more low to moderate volume approach and add in intensity.
FutureRace Plans:  I’m taking on Disney’s Goofy Challenge in January 2012 as a fun, no-pressure event (ed note: this is a half-marathon on a Saturday, marathon on a Sunday – and not a Sunday far in the future, but literally 24 hours later!).  After that, it’s all about Ironman Florida 2013.  I’ve taken almost a 2 year break from long course triathlon and I’m excited to get back to it.  I’ll probably do a half marathon sometime in February and then a few low-priority triathlons during my Ironman build.  I plan to revisit the marathon distance in 2014 with a trip to the “Florida friendly” Chicago Marathon.
Obvi not from the race. I stole this from FB because it shows what great shape he is in, but also because you can tell how nice he is from that smile!

Obvi not from the race. I stole this from FB because it shows what great shape he is in, but also because you can tell how nice he is from that smile!

Race Highlight: Course PR!  I also really enjoyed hanging out with everyone before and after the race.

Lessons Learned: Don’t stop and pee!  That course PR could have been a half-marathon PR.
Future Race Plans: I’ll be doing the Goofy Challenge in January and then I’ll move into training for Ironman Florida.  The wife is thinking about doing the Chicago Marathon in 2014 and I think I might jump onboard for that one.


Race Highlight – My answer to that would be the whole thing in that I felt great the entire time and obviously I just loved the cheering, the music, the 20 people in costumes and cross-dressed. And of course seeing Emily and her friend Kari at Mile 8!

Lesson Learned: Don’t drink too much Gatorade! (ed note: GD *might* have puked a bit at the finish and the official race pics *might* have captured some of this – and I would add that Nip Guards really work, nary a bloody nipple in sight!)

Future Race Plans:  Yeah, run a marathon next year (ed note: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I have no questions for you today, I am too busy being insanely excited that GD wants to tackle to the marathon!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Stay tuned for Tiff’s report on Monday – I asked her the same questions and she sent me back a fully formed race report that I think deserves it’s own post – you’ll love the blow-by-blow from a newbie!

PPS I have not heard from the other Scott yet but will add his if I do! And can we take a minute to enjoy the Mars vs Venus thing we are rocking here – all the girls gave super long, detailed answers and the boys were short and sweet!


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6 responses to “Philadelphia Marathon – Race Recaps from CIR!

  1. Dude! Only on this website does a ‘fun, low pressure’ run = a half marathon followed by a full one. Lol. I also enjoy the dicotomy between the girls’ and boys’ race reports. Yours and Sherry’s are nice and long, I feel like I was there, I understand you. The boys’…well…they are boys. Adorable and to the point.

    So glad everyone had great runs!!!!!!

  2. And please let GD know that I will be making a commemorative first marathon sign for him….all in glitter!

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