Philadelphia Marthon Preview

Full race report to come (at this point all I can manage is shuffling around, nevermind putting together actual sentences!) but wanted to post a few details of an incredible day.  Here’s the ClifNotes version:

Goals met? Almost! Got myself a shiny new PR – 3:54:05 (ugh, those dang 5 seconds are taunting me!) chip time, 3:51:xx Garmy time (remember, people always run a course long – so I hit 26.2 on Garmy at 3:51:xx but by the time I got to the official finish line, distance was 26.51). My super secret, just out of reach goal was 3:49:xx, so not bad! Gives me something to keep working towards 🙂

A few pics of the day:

GD KICKED ASSPHALT!!! More on this later, but could not have been more impressed with him! Just when I thought I knew all his tricks, he pulls another rabbit out of his hat.

My mom makes the best signs (click to enlarge). HUGE thanks to her and Dad for being there for us today!

We lost Diane and Samsters to injury and sickness (next time, guys!) but everyone who toed line line made it through to the other side!!! So super proud of GD, Scott and Tiff! Way to go!!!

Love running with the LaBrees. Who knew when we were running around a pool deck that we would one day be running in endurance events?! Great weekend with these two!

Lauren and Kat continued their super supportive spectating mixed with sexy photoshoot – this time with a fountain instead of a tractor (as in the ultra). 10 more races and we’ll have enough for a calendar!

Come back later this week for the full recap!




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