What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

For those of you who read food blogs, you will often see a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Same idea here, except it will be what I saw when I ran on Wednesdays.  So take a peek at what my orbs observed and then add your own experience!

When I saw Halloween fell on a Wednesday, I had visions of donning a costume, grabbing a few friends and doing a  group run around town while kids trick or treated around us. But Sandy had other ideas, trick or treat is postponed and Halloween all but forgotten around these parts.  I set off on a 5 miler this AM, and was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful day – windy yes, but the sun made its much anticipated return. Here were my own trick or treats:

Trick: First run of the year that I needed capris, gloves and earband.

Treat: The sun!!!

Treat: Dramatic sky

Treat: Sun battles the clouds and then sun won!

Treat: Although flooded, the beach at the state park acted just as it was designed – after the water recedes, the higher berms stays intact as the backside of the beach is flooded. The standing water will hopefully kill the vegetation and keep the habitat grade A, top choice for beachnesters.

Trick: Tree down on the trails of the state park. State offices are officially closed today, so I imagine this will be something they will deal with as soon as they are given the go-ahead to come back to work.

Treat: A giant swirling mass of what I am assuming were swallows!

Trick: Flooded state park trails forced me to back track since I was not interested in cold, wet sneaks.

Treat: Our wedding ceremony site was unscathed, save for a few downed branches.

Treat: GD continues the hurricane birding!

Treat: Happy birders all in a row

Treat: The Red Store was open and I could not resist the smell of their cinnamon buns wafting out the door as I ran by! Throw in some candy, and I will still be able to celebrate the Halloween that wasn’t.

What did you see on your run today?

How will you celebrate Halloween this year? Business as usual or postponed?


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2 responses to “What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

  1. Linda Kisiel

    Halloween came and went. Treat for me was a great workout on the treadmill. Continuous 20 minute run, first time in a while. Halloween is postponed until Saturday or Monday. I have to pick up some candy for the kids. But my husband found me a caramel apple. I am going to eat it with no guilt tonight. When you’re married for almost 41 years, and your husband does something so sweet, it makes your heart happy!

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