What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

For those of you who read food blogs, you will often see a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Same idea here, except it will be what I saw when I ran on Wednesdays.  So take a peek at what my orbs observed and then add your own experience!

GD and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Monday night with an awesome meal at the Red Store just mere steps from the Circle we were married. It was a fantastic meal with friends, and never ending glasses of champagne and wine, topped off with a ton of cake (yes, there was literally a ton. And I ate aboooout half of that. SO GOOD!). I drank too much and slept too little which turned yesterday’s planned 9 miles with 4x1mi interval into a 9 mile shuffle! Owies, but so worth it.

I decided I needed some buds to run with tonight and managed to convince Tiff and GD to hoof it with me. On a perfect October evening, this is what we saw:

These pumpkins just make me so happy! Thanks state park, I feel extra welcomed.

Tiff texted me after the run, “wow, I just realized that 4 miles doesn’t even feel like I ran at all.” LOVE THIS!!

I love this park and I love this man and I love running in this park with this man.

All this plover pond is missing is some plovers (oh, and some maintenance to clean up the edge, totally doable). Is it field season yet?!?!

The beach in fall? Nothing better. Except the beach in summer, spring and winter 🙂

And since I can’t resist, a picture from our wedding, on 15 October 2012:

And on 15 October 2012:

What did you see on your run today?

When was the last time eating/drinking/sleeping poorly compromised a run? Was it worth it? definitely was for me!





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5 responses to “What I Saw When I Ran Wednesdays

  1. Bel

    Happy 1 year anniversary!!

  2. Linda Kisiel

    Just taking a break from running. but I will run on Saturday on a trail in Cape May. Looking forward to it. Happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples!

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