The Fab (Philly) Four Does Eight!

As I train my tail off for the Philly marathon, I love thinking about the literally thousands of other people doing the same – for both the full and the half. Four of those people are dear running buddies. They are all newcomers to the half-marathon and it has just been so much fun watching them progress through their training plans. My favorite (get ready for a surprise) is when they do their long runs. Since they are popping their half cherries, every week brings a new personal distance record for them. It was one thing when they were running 4 or 5 miles. But this week they made it up to 8 miles – and that is where shit gets real. You can’t fake 8 miles, you can’t just bang it out without having laid some previous groundwork and you can’t beat the feeling of finishing it strong! I am happy to report that these four – GD, Tiff, Diane and Sam – completed it looking amazing! Add in the bonus of Meg, who along with Dave is up from Atlanta, and you had a dream team of birder/runners (yup, the slashies were in full effect!). I biked along behind because I am magnetically drawn to anyone running in Cape May, it’s a real serious condition I am dealing with here  🙂

Sam later eBirded their finds and they tallied 46 species – falcons , a Sora and Clay-colored Sparrows among them. Nice work on the miles and the run list, guys!

And they are off! GD designed the route, which was a 2 mile loop around the state park, then to the Rea Farm and back and finally a second jaunt around the park.

Bye-bye hot sun, helllooo cooler temps! The cold front came in just as they started running, which meant pleasant temps and more birds. That’s a recipe for success for this group!

Everyone did really well keeping up with hydration and nutrition. This is the time for experimenting with GUs and chomps and seeing what works, and they did a great job working on this today.

Hands down my new favorite picture of GD. Serve me up some of that, stat! lol

To the Rea Farm, ho!

Made it to the Rea Farm, yes!! Sorry, no time to stop for cider, farmer dudes, we’ve got work to do!

And they made it!!! Plus a smidge more for a grand total of 8.3. Oh, yes!! (doesn’t the sepia tone make it all the more dramatic? lol)

With about 7 weeks until the big show, these guys are sitting pretty. They have been putting the time in but their biggest challenges are still to come. As with everyone else running Philly, October is their monster month. But armed with their determination, their GU’s and their eagle eyes, they are primed to slay the beast.  Go, Philly Four, go!!!!

What is the furthest you have run?

What is your goal this fall?


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6 responses to “The Fab (Philly) Four Does Eight!

  1. Very cool! Congrats to everyone on your achievement! I agree, Chris.. I love watching my athletes meet new mileage goals. Sometimes I think I’m even more excited than they are! The whole mother hen thing, I suppose.

    The furthest I’ve ever run… 26.57 miles according to Garmin for BOTH of my marathons. Crazy, right? I hope the course is shorter this year. LOL!

    Goal for this fall… I had big ‘ole dreams in August, but it seems that our weather is going to break late this year and I’m running out of time to make a call. So, right now I’m looking at plan C which is #1) a course PR at Philly and #2) to attempt to run the course as well as I did the first time around. Now, if it all of the sudden the weather actually gets cooler than 71F and 96% humidity (so gross, right?), I may be able to re-eval, but I’m smart enough to know that at this point in the game, I’ve got to make some serious decisions. 🙂

    Can’t wait ’till you ask about WINTER goals! I’m going to have to get all goofy on ya!

  2. The shoe wh…oh-I-can’t-use-this-word… can’t resist:

    Is your man running in the Hattori? Dang! GD is hard core!

    • capeislandrunners

      yes he is!! he has major issues with running shoes -his feet often fall asleep at the 2-3 mi mark. he enjoys barefoot running, but that won’t be practical for philly… so we shopped around, and when he tried this pair on it was love at first laced up! he’s been really happy with them 🙂

  3. Linda Kisiel

    So proud of the fab four. Glen looks great. The further I have run is 13.1. next year the full marathon. taking a little time off right now and trying to adjust to running after work when there is still some daylight. Good luck everyone!

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