Full Moon Run on the OC Boards!

As I have noted before, Lil Sis is working through her “12 Running Goals for 2012” where on the first day of each month she pulls a goal out of a hat and has to accomplish what is on that piece of paper by the last day of the month.  This has led to some great adventures for her, some of which I have joined, like our trip to Rhode Island.  September came along and she fished out this goal:

I drew this picture, so I should remember what the heck I was trying to portray in the water – is it the sunrise? an open water swimmer with crazy hair who eschews swim caps? Who knows? In my last post, I did refer to my lack of artistic skills… that wasn’t false modesty, folks!

Lil Sis will be weaving her way through the state, hitting as many boards as she can, and I will be tagging along on as many as I can.  If you live near one, let us know ’cause we’d love to meet up with you – to run with or just catch up! We already have one planned with the wonderful Jenn, can’t wait to see her!

Anywho,  a thought occurred to me – CIR is planning a full-moon run on Saturday,  September 29 and what could be a more beautiful place to run under the glow of a full moon than a boardwalk in early fall (yes, I have finally come to terms with the fact that summer is indeed ending in, gulp, 1 week)? The open sky, the way the moonlight dances on the water, the lack of cars to dodge – you can’t beat it! Ocean City is Lil Sis’ stomping ground and home to the best boardwalk in the state (totally unbiased opinion, has nothing to do with the fact I lived there for 10 years), so it’s a great fit for this run.

The next morning is the Ocean City Half-Marathon, at which Lil Sis and I will be volunteering at (love me some spectating!) so if anyone is looking for a gentle shake-out run the night before, this run is for you! But if you just want to help Lil Sis meet her goal, chat it up with friends, hold on to the feeling of summer a little while longer (nothing says summer like a run on the boards!), howl like a werewolf, or want to say you have run under the brilliance of a full moon, this run is also for you!

Meet us in Ocean City at the boardwalk at 18th Street at 7:30pm on September 29th . We will run no more than 3 miles (and possibly less, depending on who comes and if they have a race they should be resting up for!). Bikes are welcome. Moon pies served after and maybe we’ll grab some more grub or a drink later. Hope to see you there!!

Happy Friday, everyone, and most especially to my cousin Alec and his almost-and-officially-will-be-the-case-in-5-hours wife Mackenzie on their wedding day! Can’t wait to celebrate with you both!

Good luck to everyone doing RnR and other races this weekend!!! I will be thinking speedy, strong thoughts for you all!!


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5 responses to “Full Moon Run on the OC Boards!

  1. Bel

    Wish I could but I’ll be in VA that weekend. Have fun! Can’t wait to read about it 🙂

  2. I wish I could be there as that sounds delightful:(
    If I am not there, who will not so subtlety suggest going for a swim?! Who will then laugh maniacally when someone suggests that we are ‘too old’ or ‘past that’? Please, please, swim in the ocean that night!! The universe depends on it!

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