CIR Fall Fun Runs!

Ahh, fall is almost upon us and soon the sweet feel of cooler days and comfortable runs will be here. Ohh, who am I kidding?! I love the fall but will mourn the end of summer, as I do every year. As much as I adore September and October, they remind me on Sundays from childhood – sure, it meant a relaxing day, a home cooked meal for the whole fam ( this was a once a week treat since my dad worked nights), and watching The Simpsons together… but it also meant getting to the homework that we had been procrastinating on all weekend and that the next day was back to reality! September and October are like that for me – gorgeous weather, the birders all abuzz in Cape May with lots of social activities, beautiful running temperatures and more monarchs than you can shake a stick at (I have a good feeling about migration this year!). But just behind them are the dark, dismal days of winter, my least favorite time of year. One day I am going to take a cue from the birds and migrate outta here too! What’s the minimum age to be a snowbird?

Anywho, these changes also mean that some of our regular CIR Wednesday night runners are no longer around – either gone from the area, starting grad school (GOOD LUCK LIL SIS!!) or focusing their training on fall races. So I think we will take a break from Wednesday night runs for a while, and go with a more flexible schedule… i.e. if you are hankering for a run with people, email me at and I will come on out with ya! We’ll see how this goes… if I start to miss Wednesday night runs, I will just bring ’em on back! They’ll be like Kiss farewell tours, never quite over. And they will definitely be back next summer 🙂

I have two other fun runs planned for September and October that I wanted to tell you about, though.

Saturday, 29 September – FULL MOON RUN

I had this idea when I read the RW article about the Pennsylvania Amish who do runs under the guise of a full-moon and then have a little get together after. That’s what we’ll do here! We’ll do somewhere between 3-5 miles (TBD), then come back at our place for luna-inspired treats – think Blue Moon beer, moon pies, etc. I’ll post more details as I figure them out, but it will likely start around 8pm and be somewhere around the Point or in a darkish nook of West Cape May.

UPDATE: This run will likely be held in conjunction with Lil Sis’ September Running Goal of running on as many NJ boardwalks as possible.  Location TBD, but it will be on some boards!!


Another one of my favorite things about September and October is that Dave and Meg always come to visit! Meg and I were both monarch interns, so in honor of her visit and our mutual history as monarchists , I’ve planned this run. Don’t worry, the challenge has nothing to do with the actual running part, it’s not like I am going to ask you guys to run the route the monarchs take from Cape May to Mexico (although now that you mention it, that would be an awesome thing to try one day!). It’s more about counting monarch butterflies. If you clicked on the migration link above, you already saw there is a long-standing monarch research project here in Cape May. If you didn’t, here is it again 🙂 One facet of the research is to conduct 3 census counts per day, which is a 5-mile route that the counter drives at a slow speed and tallies all the butterflies they see. My plan is to run the census route, starting just after the census car takes off, and count all the monarchs we see. We can then compare our number to what the census car gets and hopefully declare ourselves the winner of the count! The census counts take place at 9am , 12pm and 3pm – we will likely run the 12pm one. By October, it is good to give the little buggers some time to warm up! Afterwards, we can grab lunch and chat about how amazing we are at multi-tasking, i.e. running and counting at the same time. One other thing – this run is also open to bicyclists. So if you are not up to 5 miles yet, you can run as little or much of it as you want, hop on a bike and finish it out! Or you can choose to ride the whole thing on a bike. The more, the merrier!

So I hope you will save these dates and that we will see you at one or both of these runs! Let me know if you have any questions and look for more details in future posts.

Have you ever run under a full moon?

Had you ever heard of monarch migration before? Is it not the craziest thing ever?


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4 responses to “CIR Fall Fun Runs!

  1. Run under a full moon? No. Hiked and swam, yes:)

    I have heard of the monarch migration before and I do think that its quite amazing. That run sounds like fun:)

  2. Linda Kisiel

    The full moon run and the October run sound wonderful. I really want to do them. We’ll see. Darned %^&^&* back. Glad you got to run with your husband.

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