5 Things to Do Today

Morning everyone! David over at 5 Things to Do Today invited me to post a list on his very fun blog. Using your best deductive skills, I bet you can figure out what his is all about! Every day either he, or another blogger, posts a list of 5 things you could do that day. They range from practical to lighthearted to whimsical and the site has now joined my daily circuit of blogs I visit. You should check it out too!

Here is the list I came up with

Today is my last day of vacation (boo and yay, because I actually do like my job and need to get back into a routine that does not have me reading until the wee hours every night then struggling to wake up in the AM!) and GD and I are headed to OC. He has some work stuff to take care of so I am going to have a Sunday run on the boards with lil Sis and then snag a muffin from the delicious Bashful Banana (one of the places I miss most in OC!). I will pretend to feel awake since last night I was very rudely kept up by those insane thunderstorms!! Anyone else part of that craziness?

Happy Sunday!

Do you consider Sunday the beginning or end of your workout week? (it’s the end for me)


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8 responses to “5 Things to Do Today

  1. Bel

    Love the list πŸ™‚

    I consider Sunday the end of the workout week as well as the end of the week in general. Everything resets on Monday!

  2. Linda Kisiel

    Sunday is my rest day. So, I consider that the end of my running week. Enjoy the boards. Great for running.

  3. Sunday is definitely the end of my workout week too! Had a blast talking with you on the phone this afternoon! Was it just me or did an hour and a half FLY by like it was 15 minutes! πŸ™‚ Have a great week, Kashi!

  4. Sunday is the beginning of my weeks. The way I view it by the time I get to Monday I am already on day two and I already have some momentum:)

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