CIR LIVE 2012 Women’s Olympic Marathon!!

Good morning!

They are off!

How do you guys feel about running in the rain? I am never a fan when that happens on race day, but I guess that is exactly the kind of thing you have to be able to be flexible about in a race of this caliber!

The course: Whoa, that is a lot of turns! Turns can be a nice way to break up a course, but when you are trying to race fast, they can often be annoying as they slow you down.  This one features 90 turns!! That seems a bit much… might impact the chances of this being a “fast” race and when you add the rain… well, this might become a race of strategy. But I kinda hope Shalane or someone else pushes the pace since I wanna see them go for it!! Too many women’s races lately have been strategic and not speedy.

13:45 – Poor Desi 😦 That gait does not look good and her face looks like she’s suffering more than she should be this early. I bet she’s gonna bag it before the end, and I think that would be a good decision. She has nothing to prove in terms of “finishing” and no reason to make it worse.

18:05– Love the slo-mo footage in the rain- it’s like they are running superheroes!  Kara’s face is the exact opposite of what Desi’s was. She looks strong, focused and tough!

20:05 – Yeah, that rain in the “cold” temps is gonna be brutal for those ladies later – they have no fat on them as it is and they need to stay warm!

re: Kara’s interview – she does make a good pace that if the race is slower, that will likely bode well for her. Agreed, that is an excellent silver lining thought!

Commercials – For real? Are there going to be this many breaks?? They are killing me! 25 minutes in and I think we have had at least 4 breaks already! At this point I might as well start commenting on them too! Not my favorite move, NBC

28:57 – Would you guys/have you guys ever worn those shorty-shorts? When I was in HS, we still wore regular running shorts, but I know that the “bikini bottom” style have come into fashion as of late. I’m kinda happy I missed that whole thing 😉

Dear NBC,  The people who are getting up at 6 am to watch your coverage of the marathon would really appreciate, you know, actually covering the marathon.  I’m sure Lindsay V is fascinating, but get back to the action! Also, as “interesting” as the commentator’s blue jog suits are to look at, I sure would prefer to see the ladies running as they chatter away instead of seeing 3 dudes squeezed into the same frame!

37:42 – Cobblestones! Ouch! I have only run on that for super short periods of time and not my favorite… yeah, those Kenyans are def hanging back, I hope the leaders have it in them to hang on later in the race.

re: Shalane’s back story – enjoyed the sentiment, but not sure why the director’s of these clips insist on wrapping the athlete in a flag and have them look “meaningfully” at the camera. Not sure that ever works for me!

I just realized that this is the first marathon or triathlon I have watched in some time that was not streaming live online or on Universal Sports. Wow, is there a difference! It feels like NBC is worried we are going to get bored, so can only show 1-2 minutes at a time, then it’s commercials, back stories and interviews with non-runners (?!). Clearly, none of the show execs are runners,  or they would realize we find people running hours on end endlessly fascinating! Boo to them!

Desi is out – I think this was a good call. My heart goes out to her, what a disappointment after all that training 😦

47:30 – It is really hard to believe that the first woman’s marathon happened in my lifetime! 1984 – I was 7. Thanks to everyone who made that happen but shame on the rest of the world for it taking so long!

The commentators made a big deal of the women sharing a water bottle, which again shows me these dudes are not runners – or if they are, they are running with the wrong kind of people! There aren’t too many runners I know that would not share water with a fellow strider when that person missed their bottle. It’s a great thing about running – we can be fiercely competitive with each other, yet our instinct to look out for each other kicks in naturally.

More pointless interludes by NBC – Oh my gosh, really?? Tennis?? WHO CARES?!?! Save it for later, get back to the race!

55:31 – Yup, race is kinda slow, very manageable… they are on a 2:26 pace. With so many of them capable of much faster races, it is a little disappointing not to see one of them really push the pace. It’s the Olympics, what are we holding back for?! I mean, I understand the strategy – there is no sense in killing yourself if you don’t need to. But I am still not a fan of it. I think this is why – when they keep these “easier” (and I say that fully well knowing how ridiculous that sounds!!) the race doesn’t start until the very last miles. And for me, it makes it more of a “sprint” type race, where the fast track people have the advantage. But I don’t want to see a sprint, I want to see a marathon where people push the whole thing, not have an easy run for 20-22 miles and then sprint the end. That’s just me, what do you think?

1:00:00 – Wow, 6 whole minutes of coverage before a commercial!

1:04:36 – re: commentator talking about the strategy “get to 20 miles, then think about racing”. NO! Get to the start line, then race.  Why must it take so long to get to the race? This is when I really miss having someone like Paula Radcliffe or Ryan Hall, who will race  from the get-go. Does it always work? No, but I sure do admire the heck out of their spirit! Where is Pre when we need him?!

1:06:00 – Ahh, yes, 3 minutes of coverage and back to commercials. That’s more like it, NBC. God forbid we don’t have a reminder that we can buy insurance, watch your fall line-up and buy underwear  every few minutes!

1:10:36 – Almost halfway! re: the commentator’s comment that “once you get halfway, that is a good mental boost and it is all downhill from there”. I find this to be only half true… I def get a mental charge from hitting halfway, but I almost always experience a mental dip shortly after.  It’s a feeling of “I am tired from having gone so far but I still have so far to go!”. It’s something I have to prepare myself for and work past. What about you?

Back story of Kara and Shalane – One of my favorite things about this year’s US team is the partnership of these two. Sharing training, racing and the highs and lows with another person that knows exactly what you are going through is one of the best things about having running buds. I found out yesterday that my friend Sherry will be running Philly and I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that someone will be there, going through the same thing at the same time in the same way. The best!

1:16:55 – Totally agree with the commentator that the water bottle tables are a bit of a debacle. Those tight streets are not ideal for picking them up. I don’t even like when a large race has tables only on one side – I def prefer both sides, and runners through the middle. I hope those trip ups don’t cost some of those ladies later.

And hammie issues! Man, I just feel so,so sad when some has to drop. I think that was a Russian, Liliya. Have the check…

1:21:55 – Good girl Kara, way to fight for it!

1:24:15 – Ohh, a surge!!! Kiplagat out in front, the Ethiopians following. I love the comments that the Kenyan women are finally being encouraged by their country to take their rightful places next to the men as some of the world’s best marathoners. Very good news, indeed.

1:28:38 – Yay Shalane for fighting hard to stay with them! GO! I will now have to wait through some back stories, commercials and tennis updates to see how this is going to play out for you, lol.

These big races always make it so clear the stark differences of runners across the globe. For the eastern Africans, the kind of purse they can get from them is literally life changing money. These stories focus so much on how they support their families, and in some cases their towns, which is so admirable and amazing. But I am always left wondering how they actually feel about running – do they love it? Do they do it as someone would a job they don’t care for, but happen to be great at and can make a living from? Do they get grouchy if they can’t go out for a few miles or is that a “first world” problem? I guess I just wish the back stories for these women were more personal and not just treating them all the same, slipping one name in for another, with the story always the same.

1:41:52 – I do not envy Shalane right now – she is off the main pack and it is very easy at this point to mentally flag or give up a bit. She knows that lead pack is made up of very strong runners and none are likely to drop significantly off the pace. BUT there are 8 miles to go and you just never know. Furthermore, she could still post a PR (hers is currently 2:25:38 and I think everyone agrees she has much faster races in her), which would be huge for her. So she must battle the feeling that a medal may not be hers, shake it off and keep racing. So hard!!

1:47:21 – Sending every tough, positive thought I have to Shalane! And to Kara, wherever she got off to.

1:48:50 – I am going to predict Keitany as the winner. I just think it’s her time…

1:52:01 – I’m impressed with how well Arkhipova  got back with that lead pack! Only 5 or so miles to go

1:54:49 – What is Keitany saying??? Wish we knew! Again, the commentators are all hopped up n “well, if it were me, I would concentrate on winning and not possibly cheering on my teammates”. Again, could not disagree more. I am a proponent of encouragement along the way, no matter what that means for my own performance. If she feels strong enough to talk and can squeak out better races by her teammates, more power to her. I also find that working as a team can have a good effect on me, pushing me further and harder than if I stayed in my own brain. Running is not as much of a solitary sport as we sometimes make it out to be.

1:58:47 – Yeah, don’t count Shalane out! She may or may not close the gap, but so proud of her for not giving up!

1:59:29 – More commenting on the team aspect – another commenter is more my kind of people, talking about how amazing a sweep would be for their country and how much it could mean to the woman there. Exactly!

2:01:55 – A Kara update – she currently 12th, a minute behind leaders (not bad!). Shalane is 6th, just passed someone which is a great mental boost! Keep fighting, lady! I think she could pull in Kiplagat.

Commercial – yeah, there are only 4 miles to go, I def would prefer to be watching Chevy commercials than the actual race!! Ack, put it back on!!!!!!!!!!

2:07:44 – Poor Kiplagat – just saw her turn and look behind as Shalane tracks her down. Being the hunted is not a good feeling

2:09:25 – Someone in the lead pack has to  surge or this is going to be an exciting finish,… and Shalane is still making progress towards Kiplagat. Gooo, Shalane!!!

2:11:08 – Shalane is up to Kiplagat and just behind them maybe a Portuguese chick – a race within a race!

2:12:24 – I think the woman is  Portuguese and she just passed Shalane! Whew, lots of drama!

2:15:05 – The Russian looking strong!!

2:15:55 – A Ukrainian lady just passed Shalane – a 10,000m runner having a very good day!

2:17:22 – Still no surge in the lead pack, and actually slowing down. They all seem to be waiting for someone to do something… who will it be?

2:18:52 – Within a mile! Agree with the commentator that they all look pretty fresh!

2:19:40 – Oh man, Keitany falling off the pack! No!! Boo!

2:20:22 – Gelana pulling away – she’s working hard, but looking good!

2:21:33 – Looking good for Gelana with ~400 m to go! OR gonna happen????

2:23:07 – Gelana for Gold! New Olympic Record!!!! Jeptoo bronze (5 seconds behind) , Arkhipova for silver (22 seconds behind). Very nice, ladies!

2:25:51 – Shalane in 10th, Kara in 11th 16 seconds behind. They look beat up, ouch.  They had a tough race, they fought for those times and I am so proud of them! As the commentator said, this was not a fast course (90 turns!!) so it sounds like they did quite well!!! Their faces did not look like women happy with what just happened, but that might still just be the pain of the race. Hoping for interviews…

Hmm, we have covered some more tennis and now onto equestrian, so apparently no interviews. Just caps off lousy race coverage by NBC! Ahh, well, at least they had it on TV at all. Congrats to all the finishers!!

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