Women’s Olympic Marathon Eve

At the time of this post , it is about 1 am in London. Hopefully, the ladies who are going to put it all on the line at tomorrow’s Olympic marathon are sleeping soundly, but if their experiences the night before a race are anything like mine (and let’s face it, I bet they are since we have SO much in common, lol) they are waking up incessantly to pee and/or in a panic thinking they overslept only to see that it is only 3:32am.
But no matter what happens tonight, tomorrow at 11am in London, the gun will go off and they will chase down a dream. I’ll be here at 6 am EST to watch it unfold and comment along the way. Join me then, commenting and chatting in live time on the blog. Sleep well, hydrate and see ya in the AM! I’m gonna have some lasagna for dinner to be on the safe side. I don’t know for sure, but I feel pretty confident that carb loading is just as important when you are lounging in front of the TV watching these magnificent creatures as it is for the actual athletes.

See you bright and early!

Who are you rooting for tomorrow?

Who do you think will win? (check here for some pre-race prep)


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4 responses to “Women’s Olympic Marathon Eve

  1. Lauren Kisiel

    Definitely need to carb load!

  2. Off to squeeze in a quick run while my DVR handles the beginning of the race… see you back here shortly!

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