Mug Run – Another Round!!

So maybe a few weeks ago you saw my post for the first Mug Run and you thought to yourself, “hey, that looks fun, I should go do that!”. But then perhaps you were a little worried that you would not know anyone or that you would not be able to keep up and before you knew it, you talked yourself out of it and stayed home watching reruns of The Real Housewives of OC in your jammies while chowing down on nachos . Well, guess what? You get another chance to overcome those silly “I want to, but I am too scared/anxious to” thoughts! What is the story with those kind of thoughts anyway? Hmm, fodder for another post… Anyway, I am pleased to announce that the first Mug Run was so fun that Beth is organizing a second! Mug Run – Another Round is planned for next Thursday night, July 26th, at 7pm. Same deal as last time – meet at The Ugly Mug Bar in Cape May at 6:30pm to check-in, sign a release waiver and get to know your fellow Muggers.

426 Washington St, Cape May, NJ

The 4 mile course will then stop at 4 more bars. At each bar you can choose to have a beer, or not, and you will get a poker card. There will be a bicycle chaperone to help in the event anyone needs it, but mainly to ride ahead to the bars and place our orders so that your drink is ready when you arrive 🙂 The run finishes up back at The Ugly Mug and the person with the best poker “hand” wins. We also encourage you to make your own tee-shirt – just put “Mug Run – Another Round” on it somewhere, but otherwise get creative!

The course

No race clock, no age group awards (so don’t get your hopes up for a hokey trophy!) and no registration fee (the only money you would need is to cover any beer or other drinks you may want to imbibe)! What’s not to love?!

So if you regretted not coming out last time, here’s another shot. If this is the first you are hearing about it,  join us. I promise, we are not scary, the run is not fast paced and the beer is cold! Group runs are one of the best parts of running and now it is time to see for yourself!

Friendly faces await you!


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11 responses to “Mug Run – Another Round!!

  1. Lauren Kisiel

    You can count me in. And watch out everyone, I’m a mean poker player! Took home the loot at the first Mug Run!

  2. I need a teleporter or Wonka Vision or something… or perhaps just a well-timed trip to NJ!

    • Do you have an iphone?? I might be a fun thing to try doing facetime during one of these runs!!
      But a well-timed trip to NJ would be even better!! Any in your future? Laur and I have a fun idea we are cooking up for Sept, I’ll be emailing everyone soon!

  3. Bel

    Hmmm….enticing, but I don’t know if I’m ready yet….I will ponder…

  4. Kimberly Hoppe

    I want to do thia, but cant this Thursday. Let me know when you plan another one!

    • Absolutely will! The next event sorta like this (ie group run that is not on wed night like our normal one) is prob going to be aug 31st, when i think i am going to try and get a full moon run together! also, are you interested in running the schalick alum race? it will be fun!

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  6. Oooh Oooh Oooh!! This sounds awesome! I wish I could join- but maybe with FaceTime and AirPlay we can drink along at home with you on our big screen!!! 😉

    Drinking game rules for home viewers:
    1. You drink one beer for every bar stop
    2. Every time a runner passes on a beer, you drink half a pint
    3. Every time the first runner to arrive finishes their beer before you finish yours (for that bar), you have to go run a lap around your block AND get back before the last runner has finished their beer. If not, you chug a beer and run another lap.

    • Love, love, love this !!! This post just really makes me miss the LaP’s!! Move back!! But, in the meantime, I am def going to incorporate your suggestions and we are totally Facetiming on the next one!!

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