Adjusting to my “new” running digs

Hi all (and by “all” I know I am being overly optimistic and in reality “all” is probably 3 people, one of which is likely my mom), welcome to my new blog!

GD (the husband) and I (aka Kashi) moved to Cape May Point from Ocean City last fall. I was instantly smitten and I know we are here to stay (assuming we win the lottery and can one day afford to buy a house – until then, look for us on an upcoming episode of “Cape Island Squatters”, the latest reality show on Bravo). There are only two major things that I miss terribly about Ocean City – living a stone’s throw from my sister and the amazing running/triathlon community I left behind. I went from having almost a decade of group runs on the boardwalk, speed workouts on a track, hill workouts on Longport Bridge, group swims and bike rides and a cadre of similarly minded people to travel to races with to almost no one to share these things with. One of the first things I did to get to know my new town was start running in it…alone.

Before Moving: In Ocean City, there were lots of running buds to form a Cape to Gate Team…

Before Moving:… or to sport our finisher medals together!

After Moving: Logging lonely miles by myself (ok, so this was in Ecuador, but just picture a lighthouse in the background and same diff!)

Never one to accept change easily, I have hatched a two pronged plan. The first is to lure Laur (aka lil sis) down here, but the details of that are top secret and belong on a separate blog. Suffice to say they include copious amounts of creamed spinach and a trail of Razzles. But I’ve already said too much… The second part of my plan is to re-create a wonderful community like the one that still lives on in Ocean City – one with people who gets their kicks from tying up their kicks and hitting the open road. One where runners from all ilks come together to support each other, push each other and celebrate the gift that is running.

And hence, Cape Island Runners was born! I have already found one running buddy, Scott (my running husband), who I regularly train with. But two people do not a posse make. My goal is to meet more runners, get us all together, and party it up as only runners can (this often involves going to bed early and waking up the same, being anal about the distances we run, the calories we ingest and the rituals we maintain- yeah we are a pretty rowdy crew, lol). Embracing the 21st century world we live in, I envision this group to have facets in both the real world of my neighborhood and the virtual one of our internet neighborhood.

So welcome, runner friends, as we start this journey together. You can look forward to posts about my adventures in running and anything that catches my fancy that involves forward controlled falling. I can look forward to the witty and thought provoking comments you’ll leave. And we can all look forward to a tomorrow when we are BFF running buds 🙂


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12 responses to “Adjusting to my “new” running digs

  1. Lizzie

    OMG! I am the first person to post something?!? If I am I totally deserve something for it. A night out in CM, a place to crash with Z-Mags, you singing Bon Jovi at karaoke…something!
    Runner or not, I am with you 100%. Consider your blog followed:)

    • You are! Let’s see, you can have my eternal love and friendship…oh wait, you already have that! And a night in CM is also yours anytime you and Z-dog want to take a trip south…so I guess i am going to have to give you something else! Come to CM to pick up your prize!

  2. Meg

    Cannot wait to join In every time I am in town! I have missed running together!

  3. Lauren Kisiel

    I love this! Ive marked June 20th on my phone calendar so you know I won’s miss it. Good luck on your blog and the awesome path that I am sure this will take you on. I will be right behind you…following that trail of creamed spinach!

  4. Linda Kisiel

    Love the blog. i hope it brings you many running buddies!

  5. Carrie

    This is awesome my friend! Jubilee!!!

    Just a word to the wise: Kashi is one of the most fun people to train with BUT be prepared to go the whole planned course with her! There will be NO deviations or shortcuts from the planned route!!!!!!

  6. Liz

    Whoooo hoooo! I can get to your blog from work! No more waiting until I get home to comment:)

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